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Live Cream Volume II

This is the album that hooked my on Cream and for good reason, it kicks major ass!  Your get to hear Cream the way they were meant to be heard:  Live, Loud and un-produced.  Sonic-ally it could he better but it's because of the rawness that if crank up the volume and close your eyes you feel like you are right there with them.

Track Listing:

1) Deserted Cities Of The Heart
Although I think Jack Bruce is a genius songwriter and musician, this song falls short and feels a bit forced. 

2) White Room
This is really one of the greatest songs of all times and it shines like gold here in the live version.  Instead of all the guitar overdubs on the intro Eric and Jack sing in unison and it is really cool.  Jack also throws in some of the most wicked cool bass fills ever between each verse before Clapton gets warmed up and goes to town on the Wah Wah latter in the song.

3) Politician
This song was Black Sabbath before Sabbath was Sabbath.  So heavy so full of political cynicism that it should be played in the voting booth before every Presidential Election.

4) Tales Of Brave Ulysses
This song is a masterpiece  it is totally epic and at only 4:45 it's almost twice as long as the studio cut that always leaves you wanting more.  The opening chords from Clapton are so thick and Crunchy that I almost cry when he quickly rolls the volume knob back on his guitar.  Had it not been for that we would have had the official first heavy metal song performance of the 60's

5) Sunshine Of Your Love
How did Jack Bruce get such a fantastic Fat Syrupy bass tone?  I don't know for sure.  It's rumored that he had Schottky clipping diodes put in his bass and that was the trick but what ever it is.  His bass just flat out throbs on this classic Cream track.

6) Steppin Out
If anyone is in doubt about Eric Clapton's guitar Prowess then this song will change your mind.  He goes off on an unaccompanied guitar solo for minutes on end and it never gets old, he never needs any backing it's pure genius the likes of which I have never heard before or since.  There might be better technical players but I don't think anyone could compete with Clapton's virtuosity at least on that day anyway.

Well that's Live Cream Volume II  Warts and all but Cream's warts are better than most other bands gems.  I would grab the CD version over the older Vinyl version.  It has been mastered a little better.


Spook Strickland

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