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50's Gibson Tone Control Mod for Fender Stratocaster

Lots of people have been talking about the Gibson Mod or Vintage vs Modern Wiring.  I just performed this mod to my Strat and it does really work.  What does it do? you might ask, well here is what it does:

1)  When you turn down you volume nob your tone no longer gets muddy.
2)  It makes your tone control much more usable.
3)  It frees up your pickups and gives them more shimmer and sparkle.  It also makes your clean bends "scream" a little better.

However if I was a younger less experienced guitar plaer I would not do this Mod.  The controls really become touchy, now for a seasoned player looking to milk all the tone and control he can out of his guitar it is a great mod.

I also noticed on my Strat that it made the 2 and 4 position much less "Quacky" and "Countryfied" so if you are a country player you may not like this mod, but for rockers it will be awesome.  I was never able to use those positions before but now they are totally useful and great sounding in the context of Rock.

Here is the video 1 of 4 of doing this Mod.

Here is proof you don't need any of them expensive brand pedal boards such as Pedal Train to attach your pedals too.  I built this board out of Old Used Bed Slats then painted it.  I used Construction Adhesive to make sure it would last forever and a few bolt too.  It works like a charm and the money I saved I can actually afford to fill it with pedals.

Hydrozeen Electronics Pedal Board for Guitar

That's my Pro-Street Pedal Board™ in action with my band Tombstoner.

Welcome to Hydrozeen Electronics guitar project page.   My name is Spook Strickland I have two passions in my life:  Cars and Guitars.  Until now, I have never been able to combine the two.  Sure I could write music about cars like The Beach Boys and Dick Dale.  Although I love those artists that was just not my kind of music.  I have always been into heavy psychedelic music like Hendrix and Cream and The Doors.  

I have always been after sounds, tones and switching options that I just could not find in the store or buy over the counter.  This lead me to start making my own switchers.  It took some experimentation but I finally came up with the sound I was hearing in my head all these years. Now rather than put these circuits into some lame old plain jane project boxes like everyone else does.  I decided to get creative and use what I had on hand.  Being a car guy I had lots of old car parts at my disposal.  This is how it started.  


The first thing I built was a looper pedal out of an old Ford Valve Cover.  This was born out of necessity.  I had two fuzz pedals at the time a Big Muff and Creepy Fingers Hybrid Fuzz and I wanted to be able to switch between them with the touch of one button. There was not anything commercially available out there to do what I wanted so I built my own.
I call it the Pro-Street Pedal Board™ 

After I got my Fuzz sounding the way I wanted.  I wanted it to be in a casing that looked as girthy as it sounded.  So I picked up an Old GMC pickup hubcap and went to work.  I call it a "Fuzz Cap"™ 

Here is the first Buffer Pedal I built.  I call it the "Wah-to-Fuzz"™ 

If you have a Fuzz Face and a Wah Wah pedal you need one of these.  Fuzz Face pedals have a very low input impedance, so low that most wah wah pedals do not interact very well with them. There is a misconception that the Germanium ones are the only ones to suffer from this problem and so called "proof" of that is that When Hendrix switched over to a Silicone transistor version of the Fuzz Face his wah worked fine.  The Silicone Fuzz Face may have a tad more input impedance but not enough to get your wah to work.  I believe that Roger Mayer (Hendrix's Pedal Wizard) built a buffer and installed it either in the Fuzz Face itself or in the Wah wah.

A few people are making buffers that go into your Wah pedal but they are all made using Jfets and do not give the Hendrix Mojo that a Bipolar Transistor will give you.  This buffer also mates your Rotovibe  to your Fuzz Face for nice Hendrix like tone Ala' "Woodstock"

I just built this "Clean Boost" for my buddy Damion.  It hit's unity at about 9 O'clock and it's pure clean boost from there all the way up. 

Hydrozeen Electronics Clean Boost

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